don’t just dream
of what’s next

#design it

fresh ideas

for your career + life

Are you starting out or starting over — no idea where to begin, overwhelmed trying to wade through a million and one pieces of career + life advice? A parent wondering how on earth we help young people be relaxed, happy and still future-ready?

Or does it seem like everyone else has it together
while you are facing your real, imperfect, messy life?
You’ve come to the right place.

I always wonder when I see books and blogs that promise a dream life in five easy steps -- how they make these irrefutable promises, when life can be so complex and random; when external realities can, let’s face it, make certain things very complicated.

On this site you’ll find simplicity, fresh practical ideas, and a warm-hearted, down-to-earth guide (me). We'll tackle these questions with a dose of real interjected. We'll talk about how to approach your life and career like a chef or designer -- working with what you actually have as ingredients (or limitations), and learning how to create or design around or alongside them.

A way to design and make your life ... the real way.
Welcome your next chapter ♥